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Zachary Quinto was a guest at a fund-raiser for September’s Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, and decided to get himself a gift.The “Star Trek” star, celebrating his birthday, got in a bidding war on a Gaston Lachaise.When it seemed Quinto would win, producer Alex Fraser called out, “No one wants to outbid the guest of honor?” Quinto then lost out as the drawing sold for $8,000.

then I knew that Zach is gay, and Kris is engaged with Dax Shepard. although you wouldn't really know that because his earlier show he was in he played a gay twice and he kissed a guy on a show. one sec i'll google it........................................­ Apparently Zach is dating Rumer Willis, although it may just be a rumour (no pun intended). I know that ZQKB would be soo cute together, but the fact is, they're NOT dating.films as Chekov, died early Sunday morning in a car accident, his rep has confirmed to PEOPLE. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed to PEOPLE that Yelchin’s body was found pinned between a car and a gate at a home in Studio City, California.

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    Is zach dating someone. - question and answer in the Zachary Quinto club. Join Fanpop; Sign In;. He was rumored to be dating Rumer Willis 2 years ago.…
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    Is Zachary Quinto single. He had a fling with Rumer Willis for about a day in March 2007 and has since not. Zachary Quinto's birth name is Zachary John Quinto.…
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    May 18, 2009 Zachary Quinto & Neal Dodson Doggy Date! Heroes actor Zachary Quinto and his. The only rumour I remember is that he was hooking up with Rumer Willis.…