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's pitch is the same: Go into a dungeon of a person's subconscious and wade through enemies until you run out of magic points, save your progress for the night, and leave the dungeon. Shibuya and noodles with your friends and acquaintances. It's charming and it's been long enough since entry. You're a male high school student from out of town and in a dream sequence, you've signed a deal for magic powers.In the intervening years, Atlus released four spinoffs. Your first party member is a guy (in this case, Ryuji Sakomoto) in your homeroom who's brash, terrible at homework and relentlessly horny.You, he and another male party member go out for some -style antics, usually a step above or below someone yelling PANTY RAID!The female characters are all well fleshed out, and of course, the only people the protagonist can date. This section is for those who have experienced the series before: Now, the formula from the grindy, turn-based combat side.

Persona 3's trans panic moment included the line "... " The two characters occur twice in the 90 hour experience, and while in the grand scheme of things that's mercifully short, the powerfully bad taste lingers.On the plus side, the formula includes another Shoji Mero soundtrack, which exceeds the mold of coloring the game experience without breaking the immersion.The compositions and the performances of the artists beneath him heighten any scene in the game, while also being songs I'd listen to on their own.His soundtrack for the previous numbered Combat is largely unchanged, but the team added a couple traversal and stealth mechanics to the dungeon crawling.

Generally speaking, they add verticality to the formula, which is welcome.

Unfortunately, the camera sticks to whatever you're hiding behind, which restricts your vision when you need it most.

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