Who is vv brown dating

VV Brown scrapped her last album Lollipops and Politics just weeks before release, abandoned a music deal with Island Records and thought she was going mad.Now, under her own record label, VV (or Vanessa or Ness to her friends) has released a new album called Samson and Delilah and finally, she says, feels free.Here the 29-year-old musician, model and designer reveals why she’s a sucker for risk, how It was probably the scariest, boldest thing I have ever done, because the first time when I got signed when I was 19, I got, I guess in quotes ‘dropped’ by the label.The second time round it was my decision to no longer be in a major label position.I could have released ‘Lollipops and Politics’ and I could still have remained in an environment or position that a lot of artists work so hard to get.

That year, she also released her debut single, a bouncy, contemporary pop/R&B hybrid titled "Whipped," which appeared on the soundtrack for the television series Las Vegas. Brown, is an English songwriter and performer who stepped out in 2005 with a co-writing credit on the Pussycat Dolls' PCD ("I Don't Need a Man," a collaboration with Rich Harrison, Kara Dio Guardi, and Nicole Scherzinger). single "Denial," Brown underwent a slight makeover as a solo artist -- by fusing early R&B with new wave energy -- and changed her performing alias to V. K., she released the 2008 single "Crying Blood," a preface to July 2009's Travelling Like the Light, which reached number 30 on the U. Glitch, led by the uptempo electro-pop single "Shift," was issued through the same outlet two years later. The album was released on Brown's YOY label in October 2013.