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The 26-year age difference between the couple is getting quite a bit of attention.Kelsi Taylor is getting some viral fame this week, with pictures of the 19-year-old singer spreading across social media after she and 45-year-old comedian Dane Cook went public with their romance.Taylor and Cook have been sharing pictures from dates and outings on social media, leading to a lot of attention from celebrity news outlets this week.The couple’s 26-year age difference has generated a lot of that attention, but Dane Cook and his new girlfriend seem quite happy together and unbothered by the spotlight.It was not immediately clear when Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor started dating, but noted that Cook first made reference to her on his Instagram account in April, sharing a picture of the two together.There were more pictures from summer outings and other date nights.Kelsi Taylor is no stranger to the spotlight, with a rising stature as a singer and actress, though her resume still pales in comparison to Dane Cook.The teen has a handful of acting credits, with her IMDb profile listing roles in (2013).

The news of their relationship has brought quite a bit of attention for Dane Cook’s new girlfriend.Pictures of Kelsi Taylor spread online, including many together with Cook.noted, her biggest break in the music industry has come from performing background vocals for acts like Little Big Town and Demi Lovato.Others noted that Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook did a good job keeping their relationship quiet for so long.

Though he has come down a bit from his mid-2000s peak, Cook still gets quite a bit of attention and was known for his previous high-profile relationships, including being linked to Miley Cyrus, Julianne Hough, and Jessica Simpson.

The fact that the two were able to share pictures together for so long before the celebrity media took notice was seen as a bit remarkable.

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    The leading lady in Dane Cook’s life is a much younger singer. Cook, 45, and 19-year-old girlfriend Kelsi Taylor have been quietly dating for.…