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I heard about We Chat three hours after arriving in Beijing. I have Whatsapp, I don’t need We Chat.” Boy I was wrong!We all need We Chat, my life has been so much easier since I got We Chat and I wish the rest of the world would get We Chat too. I have had many questions answered, many shopping experiences, and also great services at home.

This lady will listen to your wine taste and send some bottles to your home. Shangrila Botanicals, Add on We Chat: 15601193751 Sausage and Meats Andy is the sausage guy to add if you have meat cravings.I actually live very close to her warehouse so when I ordered on a Friday night I received 3 bottles of wine chilled within 2 hours. The chorizo sausage is to die for; combined with eggs, it’s the perfect breakfast.Add on We Chat: andy706588 Life coaching and Mindfulness These two ladies are my tickets to sanity in Beijing.They do personal life couching and mindfulness sessions. For life coaching add Carnissa We Chat: Berry Thoughtful Life and for Mindfulness add Nathalie We Chat: nathaliedorbes Nut Butters These two girls are breaking new grounds with their nut butters and just a short wechat away. Add on We Chat: NAKEDnutbutters Pollution Masks This mask is a must have in Beijing. Preston is the fasted ever in delivering the goods, one very polluted day he even personally delivered a mask to my home. Add him on We Chat: 18515359601 Balloons Have a party but don’t want to blow up the balloons? Balloons delivered to your door on the day of the festivities.

Add on We Chat: balloons88 Salmon Have a yearning for smoked salmon?

This trusted viking will get some salmon delivered to your door.