Vanessa morgan dating kevin young

That age old Wilde refrain comes back to haunt us as some viewers of Riverdale are tasking way too seriously that the thought of life imitating art is an absolute.As with any relationship, saying “it’s complicated” is often truer than we would like to believe.In the case of Riverdale, the Bughead duet is actually dating in real life.

Threats to Vanessa Morgan were first revealed in her interview with Glamor magazine.To her credit, she is not taking the threats seriously, saying that they are only “half-threats.” But Hollywood can be an insular place for actors, believing that until they become very high visibility in the public arena there is little to worry about.Perhaps the thinking is that the fans who love her will act as a barrier between her and the actual nut jobs.One dimension of this that can be easily overlooked is that Vanessa, Cole, and Lili will all be working together in real life.