Validating marketing research

Conducting buyer insights research can be overwhelming.

Ultimately, not only the usual “made in Italy” or “made in France” fashion will be appealing. Ilaria is co-founder and a director of tex Sture, a single port of call for the textile and fashion industry for risk management and sustainability. Agent-based modelers in the field of marketing research have paid little attention to validation issues.This paper provides a definition of validation relevant for this community of modelers.On the basis of a history-friendly model for simulation calibration [Malerba, F., Nelson, R., Orsenigo, L., and Winter, S. ‘History-friendly’ models of industry evolution: the computer industry.

Industrial and corporate change, 8(1), 3–40.], the authors demonstrate how conjoint analyses can be used to instantiate and calibrate an agent-based marketing model.

Methods for model instantiation using conjoint partworths and model calibration using the conjoint first-choice rule are demonstrated.