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The jacaranda in the lawn bore the ethereal but ominous mauve cloud which used to herald the rapid approach of exams, at a time in history when med exams were truly fearsome events for most of us (they only passed 30% of our Second Year).But the carillon was playing and the sandstone in the Quad glowed a welcoming gold as the Year of ’64 met in the early evening of 24 October for drinks and renewed friendships, some not having met for 45 years.There was mild surprise on discovering how many of our cohort had achieved success and distinction in so many different fields, both locally and internationally.Many faces were recognisable from the Yearbook, and some less so, but with conversation the years fell away, so by the end of the evening we might have been about to head back to the dissecting room together, without feeling any different from our student selves.Thankfully, all that was safely behind us, but we did enjoy a tour of the newly-renovated Wilson Museum of Anatomy, in its old home in the Anderson-Stuart Building.