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IT’S not like the dating app is revolutionary – digitally mediated dating has been around since the 90s, and before then, there were missed connections ads and pen pal features.Before that, there were matchmakers and arranged marriages between families.In Asia, those modes of courtship still exist, living alongside their digital counterparts.(非诚勿扰) – which roughly translates into “If you’re not serious, don’t bother me”.It is a game show where a single man’s personality and life are revealed to 24 women, via videos with family and friends, all while the series’ hosts question him.The women are able to express their interest in the man, while the man is able to pursue his choice at the end.

Asia is obsessed with finding love – there’s a reason why matchmaking services have persisted in this region for so long.“People are either blind dating or on the way to blind dating” as the saying goes in mainland China.Central to Confucianism is the family unit and in Asia, this sentiment is heightened: the pressure to find a life partner and lock together is intense.There’s even a word for those who fail at the dating game – “leftovers” are women or men (usually) above 25 years old who are not in a long-term relationship or married.

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    You might be thinking that wedding vows mark the end of dating app's efficacy, but you'd be wrong. And no, I'm not talking about Ashley Madison's mobile app. I'm thinking about, which bills itself as a flirting app for couples. Though it's still only available in beta, Wink offers a lot of the excitement that makes dating.…