Telephone dating ottawa

(Telephone conversations do not count as ‘meetings’) This package includes a 6 month hold period, where clients can put their file ‘on hold’ for up to a period of 6 months as many times as they require.Once the client reactivates their file they must be available to be actively matched with new prospective matches. This package includes up to 12 in-person meetings and all photos of prospective matches at no charge as well as an extended hold period of one year.

If you live in an extremely isolated area (ie: Northern Ontario) we may have to go further afield for the right match.When Linda interviews you she will discuss the demographics of where you live and what you can expect for radius of matches and travel time.Although we strive to give our clients the best match on a regular basis we our governed by what is available each week.We aren’t cracking people out of moulds in the basement and although often times “perfect matches” are available, sometimes that elusive chemistry fails to ignite.