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Word Stage Core Company, Cleveland, Ohio, stages excerpts from Ambrose Bierce for Halloween on Friday, Oct. Performed by Agnes Herrmann, Paul Slimak and Tim Tavcar accompanied by eerie incidental music by violinist Mary Beth Ions and pianist Patrick Wickliffe. An encyclopedic two-book study of weird literature. Editor Matt Cardin writes: " The main author entry on Bierce is about three pages long, so there's room for Bierce to breathe in it, and for the reader to gain a real sense of his significance.

From the publisher: "...this meticulously researched book traces the human costs of the Civil War. From small early skirmishes in western Virginia through the horrors of Shiloh to narrowly escaping death from a Confederate sniper's bullet during the battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Bierce emerges as a writer forged in war, and Coleman's gripping narrative is a genuine contribution to our understanding of the Western Theater and the development of a protean writer." The superb artist JARED BOGGESS is offering original SIGNED prints of the striking cover for The Assassination of Ambrose Bierce: A Love Story.The prints come in two sizes: 6 x 9 for $15 and 11 x 16.5 for $20.Available at: Alan Gullette, founder of the world's first Ambrose Bierce Internet site, has collaborated with John Thomas Allen in creating a 354-page surrealist poetry collection that includes "elements of weird fantasy bordering on horror, an occasional touch of science fiction, absurdism, even mysticism." Foreword by Donald Sidney-Fryer.Published by Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig has modeled his on satirical dictionary on Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary.

Zweig says this about Bierce's classic: "The entire bookis online in numerous editions because it's public domain at this point.

But it's probably the most brilliant work of satire written in America.