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Roberta Flack accepted an award at Black Girls Rock in a wheelchair. It’s important to give people their roses while they’re still here.Last year, her publicist revealed that the 78-year-old was recovering well after suffering a fall. Henson was pregnant with her son while attending Howard.She has also been dealing with financial issues which led her to reduce the price of her apartment in Manhattan. The talented actress still managed to earn her degree. Roberta Flack was awarded a scholarship to Howard University when she was 15-years-old, making her the youngest student to ever enroll there.Roberta advised the audience to celebrate their successes.We spend so much time putting pressure on ourselves and sometimes we need to stop and recognize how much progress we’ve made.There might be more work to do but we are further than we were and just need to keep working hard.Over the past century, women have fought for and achieved massive societal advances.

First, everyone (but specifically women as it pertains to this debate) needs to stop pretending that intelligence is an all-encompassing trait. Ben Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon, but outside of the operating room, can we really assert that his views on society and policy are any more intelligent than Flava Flav’s?

Hell, I put more intellectual value in Flav’s “so get up get, get get down/911 is a joke in yo town” lyrics than Carson’s “Obamacare is worse than slavery” comments.