Steam updating half life 2

On Sunday, my last day in the Gulf area, I caught a ride with an environmental law student, Stephen, two hours outside of New Orleans to a beach where the oil had been making landfall at Grand Isle, Louisiana.As we pulled up to the beach, we began to see handmade signs about the oil spill. There is a strange chemical feel to the air, and it fills our lungs with a noxious sensation.One of the signs that wrenched my heart read, “BP, cannot fish or swim. The beach has a giant set of two orange rubber pipelines running side by side, about two feet in diameter.

Also, the giant orange pipelines running along the beach sort of ruined what could have been a picturesque stroll on the the beach. We walked over to a wooden bridge that seemed to be designed for people to easily access the beach.We climbed it and hopped off of the other side, over the two pipelines.It was then that we were encountered by two sheriff’s officers, each with his own golf cart, steered by thick, reddened, trunk-like forearms. ” I asked, putting on my most polite cheshire grin.They rolled up and said, in a casual-yet-malevolent way that good ol’ Louisiana boys can effect with great skill, “Aw right. They may be Louisiana boys, but I’m a Washingtonian: I know it’s best to put on a politician smile.

They asked a few questions which betrayed just how confused the whole situation was.

Turns out they weren’t exactly sure who they saw jumping over the pipelines.

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