Speeddating thailand

The Quest Tour Program Includes: We will help you prepare your profile and present it to prospective ladies in Thailand.In addition to the women on our public site, we have others we may feel would be good to introduce you to.

From that conversation, we may contact a few or all of the ladies on your list and notify them of your interest in meeting them at one of the Group Speed Dating Events.We still believe that face-to-face meetings are best and do not encourage or facilitate advance communication.We make no declarations as to the status of the ladies represented on the site because they may have found a boyfriend between the time we first added them and your tour date.We would learn of this when we contact them just prior to your Quest Tour and they would not be invited and the profile would be marked “inactive” and not displayed on the site.

A main purpose the profiles serve is to learn about the type of lady you wish to meet.

We contact ladies when a client has requested to meet them within a few weeks of the tour date.