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They also, of course, are human, and therefore remember content from previous conversations they’ve had with people.Building on that kind of information, a new chat bot will serve as a virtual Lolita, posing as a 14-year-old schoolgirl, with the aim of lulling paedophiles into thinking they’re human and thus making it easier for law enforcement to intercept them in chat rooms.

The Negobot will try to string along conversationalists who want to leave, with tactics such as asking for help with family, bullying or other typical adolescent problems.If the subject is sick of the conversation and uses less polite language to try to leave, the bot acts like a victim – a youngster nobody pays attention to and who just wants affection from somebody.From there, if the subject has stopped talking to the bot, the bot tries to exchange sex for affection.Is this starting to sound uncomfortably like entrapment? John Carr, a UK government adviser on child protection, told the BBC that overburdened police could be aided by the technology, but the software could well cross the line and entice people to do things they otherwise might not: The BBC reports that Negobot has been field-tested on Google chat and could be translated into other languages.

Its researchers admit that Negobot has limitations – it doesn’t, for example, understand irony.

Still, it sounds like a promising start to address the alarming rate of child sexual abuse on the internet.

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