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I have added a new page "Locations" that shows some past images from Truck Cam.I need some input for this, If you see a interesting image on Truck Cam just right click on it and save it and then email it to me and I will add it to this page.If you are a radio ham and see me near your location.If I am not already chatting the radio will be scanning all local repeaters, analogur on one VFO and D-Star on the other.So if you see me near you give me a LONG call on a near repeater so the scanning has time to find and stop or send me a APRS message."Click" You can also track where I have been in my truck for up to the last 7 days HERE You may need to register a user name here but that's all.

It emulates a webcam in your system by using the existed medias such as pictures and video clips as its sources and works like a real one.when you use tools like MSN Messenger, Pal Talk, ICUII or other webcam tools, you can take advantage of these tools integrated video conferencing abilities to showcase not what your webcam sees, but other multimedia content you have on your local computer.If you already have a webcam, Advanced Virtual Web Camera can make it better. Support multi-stream output, with different resolutions in good quality.Advanced Virtual Web Camera can add image, text and video overlay or any other cool video special effects onto it and then paint on the video as your customized funny video. Advanced virtual web camera allows you to set images, video clips, animations, flash movies, webstream, mobilephone video, DVD video and even your desktop screen as the video of your webcam.