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The collection of laws and restrictions that regulate people categorized as “sex offenders” has been punctuated by names such as Megan, Jessica and Adam.These are the names of children, all victims of heinous crimes that sparked high-profile campaigns aimed at creating "get tough on crime” legislation.Today you can go online to your state's Megan's Law website, where all convicted sex offenders are required to register, and probably find clusters of red dots on the map of your neighborhood, each dot representing an individual convicted of a sex crime.In California, approximately one of every 375 adults is a registered sex offender.While some states have considered adopting public registries for other crimes—domestic violence, drug dealing, murder—so far sex offenders comprise the only class of criminals who are deemed to warrant this special treatment, despite scant evidence that it is effective at reducing sexual assault.

Why do we treat those criminals considered the most predatory and dangerous the same as those who are not? And, can advocates working to redress a criminal justice system that has failed so many—people of color, women, poor peopleis collected into a small ponytail and her right hand holds a plastic cup of red soda.She speaks in a muted voice: “I am on the 290 registry, I have been for 14 years.Before that, I had never been in trouble, not even a traffic ticket.”Emily tells her story rapidly and repentantly: one night when she was 32 years old, she was drinking heavily and blacked out.She woke up to a chaotic and confusing scene: her 12-year-old neighbor straddling and fondling her body, as his father stood there shouting before he grabbed the phone to call the cops.

But the day I meet Emily that once-enraged father, Wayne, has accompanied her on her first trip to the legislative halls of Sacramento.

“I didn't know what to do at the time; I just called the authorities,” Wayne says.

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