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Apple released its first i Phone during Obama’s 2007 campaign, and he announced his vice presidential pick – Joe Biden – on a two-year-old platform called Twitter. The election of the nation’s first black president raised hopes that race relations in the U. But by some measures, the country faces serious economic challenges: A steady hollowing of the middle class, for example, continued during Obama’s presidency, and income inequality reached its highest point since 1928. While Obama remained largely popular internationally throughout his tenure, there were exceptions, including in Russia and key Muslim nations. Profound social, demographic and technological changes have swept across the United States during Obama’s tenure, as have important shifts in government policy and public opinion. But by 2016, following a spate of high-profile deaths of black Americans during encounters with police and protests by the Black Lives Matter movement and other groups, many Americans – especially blacks – described race relations as generally bad. Unemployment has plummeted from 10% in late 2009 to below 5% today; the Dow Jones Industrial Average has more than doubled. In 2009, shortly after Obama took office, residents in many countries expressed a sharp increase in confidence in the ability of the U. president to do the right thing in international affairs. As he prepares to leave office, the country he led for eight years is undeniably different. economy is in much better shape now than it was in the aftermath of the Great Recession, which cost millions of Americans their homes and jobs and led Obama to push through a roughly $800 billion stimulus package as one of his first orders of business.Today, use of smartphones and social media has become the norm in U. Obama’s election quickly elevated America’s image abroad, especially in Europe, where George W. And Americans themselves became more wary of international engagement.Views on some high-profile social issues shifted rapidly.Eight states and the District of Columbia legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, a legal shift accompanied by a striking reversal in public opinion: For the first time on record, a majority of Americans now support legalization of the drug.

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And we look ahead to some of the trends that could define the tenure of the 45th, Donald Trump. Obama’s presidency is only a chapter in a story that began long before his arrival and will continue long after his departure. Nearly one-in-three eligible voters on Election Day were Hispanic, black, Asian or another racial or ethnic minority, reflecting a steady rise since 2008. When it comes to the nation’s religious identity, the biggest trend during Obama’s presidency is the rise of those who claim no religion at all. Christians, meanwhile, have fallen from 78% to 71% of the U. adult population, owing mainly to modest declines in the share of adults who identify with mainline Protestantism and Catholicism.Strong growth in the number of Hispanic eligible voters, in particular U. Indeed, for the first time, the Hispanic share of the electorate is now on par with the black share. And for the first time since the 1940s, more Mexican immigrants – both legal and unauthorized – have returned to Mexico from the U. Those who self-identify as atheists or agnostics, as well as those who say their religion is “nothing in particular,” now make up nearly a quarter of the U. The share of Americans identifying with evangelical Protestantism, historically black Protestant denominations and other smaller Christian groups, by contrast, have remained fairly stable.While illegal immigration served as a flashpoint in the tumultuous campaign to succeed Obama, there has been little change in the number of unauthorized immigrants living in the U. Due largely to the growth of those who don’t identify with any religion, the shares of Americans who say they believe in God, consider religion to be very important in their lives, say they pray daily and say they attend religious services at least monthly have all ticked downward in recent years. has affected both major parties, but in different ways.At the same time, the large majority of Americans who do identify with a faith are, on average, as religiously observant as they were a few years ago, and by some measures even more so. Democratic voters are becoming less white, less religious and better-educated at a faster rate than that of the country, while Republicans are aging more quickly than the country as a whole.

Education, in particular, has emerged as an important dividing line in recent years, with college graduates becoming more likely to identify as Democrats and those without a college degree becoming more likely to identify as Republicans.

More politically divided Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in November’s bitterly contested election, becoming the first person ever to win the White House with no prior political or military experience.

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