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Will not only cherish my strengths but my weaknesses .. I'm an American woman on a website to connect to another Swede. My grandparents are Swedish, and my uncle is a professor of Scandinavian Studies in Amsterdam. Understands that life is not easy but worth every battle you take, for you gain wisdom in the end. Values Respect, and Understands a Woman's desire to be cherished.I spent the last few days away from Great Falls, seeing a friend in Seattle. What does a “below zero wind chill factor” look like? “We talk about our ‘rush minute’ instead of ‘rush hour,’” Kack said.While I was gone, Great Falls was in the midst of another cold snap. Yesterday, Great Falls was lower than all the other places in the state I track (even colder than Cut Bank and Chester! Great Falls has 58,505 residents and plenty of roadway for everyone, Kack said. About 2% need 90 minutes or longer for their daily trips. Even if they’re driving 200 miles, he said, most people in Montana assume they’ll be trucking along at 70 or 80 mph on traffic-free roads.

So I put it to the test and set my timer on my phone. Here’s an honor to add to the welcome sign in town: Great Falls, Montana, home to the United States’ shortest commute. He sighed about crossing town, and I told him not to worry…you can get anyplace practically in 15 minutes in Great Falls. ) Here’s the article from CNN…from about two years ago. I’ll chuckle, and sometimes I’ll send him the link to the CNN article “Want an easier commute? My partner and I were on the east side of Great Falls recently, near the old Valu-Mart, and we had to go someplace near Riverview.More importantly, there’s plenty of affordable housing close to the city center, which prevents residents from spreading out in search of cheaper places to live.