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Banfield’s Student Ambassador Program employs veterinary students enrolled in American Veterinary Medical Association-accredited colleges of veterinary medicine to connect their fellow classmates with experiential learning opportunities in Banfield hospitals and act as liaisons between Banfield and their campus.We’d love to connect with you during one of the following academic or industry events.Program placement requires participation in an application, selection and onboarding process.Your primary mentor doctor will conduct your evaluation at the conclusion of the program.Fellow Prize winners, Polly Swann and Nishad Sanzagiri, are also pictured, along with senior members of staff from the University.The conference was attended by many senior members of the veterinary profession.More recently, Rosie attended the WHO World Health Assembly in Geneva as part of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations.

So much time and love invested and we could spend a few days together and decide it wasn't meant to be outside of those prison walls.I'll be thinking happy post-release thoughts for you!!That isn't going to go away because of a peanut butter jar or morning hair (and yes, I know you were just throwing those out there as examples).It's like we've done this relationship thing completely backwards and now we have no clue what to expect.

I had a relationship once (no prison involved) that started online, and over the period of a year or so, we fell in love.

We never met during that time because we lived far apart.