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Our review on the Philip Morris i QOS details the first vaporizer to come so close to simulating smoking cigarettes.It has a compact, rich design that is easy to carry around and fun to use.It comes with HEETs or Heat Sticks which are special tobacco inserts that simulate a cigarette.It has a very real tobacco taste without the combustion and produces good vapor quality.When activating a new session, each insert is timed to six minutes for optimal quality--intended to imitate a cigarette of the latest products from Philip Morris International, manufacturers of the legendary Marlboro cigarettes.The product is a hybrid between the benefits of electronic cigarettes and the design of traditional types – making it perfect for smokers looking to switch to vaping or even for occasional use.Given the known dangers of smoking traditional cigarettes, switching to vaping or just implementing a sporadic alternative is a good option.

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Rather, the i QOS ecig heats the tobacco just prior to the point of combustion, producing tobacco-flavored vapor.It is a unique e-cigarette that fits easily into our best e-cig of 2017 list.The JUUL e-cig is another one of the year’s best ecigs though it lacks the familiarity of a traditional cigarette which Philip Morris did its best at remedying with the i QOS electronic cig.The i QOS kit doesn’t include much which is a good thing in the e-cigarette world–such devices should be user friendly and straightforward.

You will find a standard e-cig shaped device which fits comfortably in your hand and is great for on-the-go vaping.

The package also includes a convenient charger and the tobacco HEET sticks that are used for vaping.