Parks and recreation ann dating

America cried last night as Parks and Recreation 's Leslie Knope bid farewell to Ann Perkins, who was moving to Michigan with Chris Traeger and their unborn child.While I fell in love with Rob Lowe's Traeger all over again (he alone could make "One Headlight" a dancing song), the episode also gave Ann Perkins multiple chances to catch up with her ex-boyfriends.Which, of course, only led me to wonder: What if Ann had chosen one of these other men as the father of her child?

Mark returns from his private-sector job after a company-sponsored sweat lodge retreat.He tells Ann that she appeared as his spirit animal, and she, weakened from finally breaking up with Tom, agrees to date him again.He resumes his job as city planner for Pawnee, and proposes to Ann by hiding a ring in the infamous pit-turned-park.In a shocking twist, Leslie attempts to stab Mark in the heart with one of Ron's carved wooden flutes, shouting, "You're not good enough for her!