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Tough economic times are, unfortunately, boom times for scammers, as people desperate for money and jobs let down their guards and are more likely to pursue questionable financial opportunities that caution might ordinarily warn them away from.

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The day before her latest arrival she was spending money on line in Alabama. Some of the texts seemed like I was talking to 3 people. 200 so far, and could have been more, except for her husband who took pleasure in telling me what they were doing, I have many pictures of her that I can show you, some are even of her naked View scammer's photos Name: Silvia Jill Aka: unknown Age: 35 Location: Kodorfia, ghana Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] Skype: unknown On web sites: Meet me Report: Met on meet me dating site talked exchanged pics, claimed to start to fal, in love,claimed she worked in gold company on contract from USA, nearing end of contract and could by out for $1500.00 Dollars n recieve187,000 and would come to us and meet , I told couldn't and didn't have that kind of money , talked several months and mother need heart surgery ask for a hundred or so to buy food , several timesmall felling love and wanted to come to me in USA months later a aunt need surgery and her family needed money and had family in us that needed bank acct to transfer money to ghana I had a wells fargo easy card so she had 2300 sent to card I cashed out n sent money via moneygram later turns out deposit was made using bad check, I was stuck paying that backher promising to take care of debt n then she was needing social security number to transfer money into acct. But the papers were fake and she had to leave gold. View scammer's photos Name: Ekaterina Varich Aka: unknown Age: 31 Location: Kiev, Ukraine Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected]: unknown On web sites: Report: She played me for almost two years and scammed me out of $1,200.00 for air plane ticket View scammer's photos Name: Eunice Arthur Aka: unknown Age: 33 Location: Accra Ghana Address: unknown Phone: 233267692383 Email: [email protected]: unknown On web sites: Skype Report: Eunice Arthur sent me a friend request which I thought was going to be a relationship, only to find out that she is married and has not intention of ever coming to be with me, her husband Maxwell is also part of this, as he encouraged Eunice to ask for money, they have both cond me out of ?