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Choi (Kang Hye-Jung) begins work as a student-teacher at a high school.During her first day on the job, English teacher Lee Yoo-Rim (Park Hae-Il) hits on her in a very brash manner.Choi then using his position as a superior and any other method he can think of tries to get Choi to go out with him and eventually he succeeds.The problem is that they are both in long lasting relationships.

the film starts with her mentoring under another teacher counselor who is her junior, as an effect of that previous harrasment by her which is only revealed later on.despite trying to make a new start, she yet encounters a similar situation from her counselor, Lee.unable to refuse outright for fear of being expelled under the context of her making advances on him (he underlines that he is just being 'nice' to her to 'ease' things for her) rather than the other way around, she tries to handle things carefully knowing that dating between teachers is prohibited..hence the title (! Because she also likes him eventually, she tries to convince hrrself that his feelings are real and not just sex.however when rumour spreads and they are confronted by the board of ethics who meant to deal with it summarily, she is disappointed when Lee denies their relationship in the hope of releasing himself from all consquences she decides to stand up for herself and avoid being persecuted unfairly as in the past. only later she approaches to know his true feelings.

she had early on admitted hers by telling her fiance the truth.

wonderful film despite the sex scenes tho i guess it was necessary to describe how each felt for each other...i think : P Very good film that is set up as a typical K romance/comedy, but is at its heart a well thought out film dealing with relationships, gender inequalities, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy issues.

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