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[artist id="1962774"]Katy Perry's[/artist] been swinging some serious ice on her hand since the summer, when boyfriend/ [artist id="1904930"]Gym Class Heroes leader Travis Mc Coy[/artist] gifted her an impressive yellow diamond promise ring.But on Tuesday, the New York Daily News reported that the Warped Tour lovebirds had made it official with a romantic proposal in Paris.According to the gossip report, "the rapper popped the question recently in Paris by kissing Perry with a massive ring in his mouth." Cute story, right? When asked to confirm the scenario, Trav's manager Bob Mc Lynn gave it a simple "nah," and a spokesperson for Perry's label also gave the story a thumbs-down.And for the tattooed and pierced Mc Coy, the edgy remix on the classic proposal scenario seems fitting. Perry also threw water on the rumors on her blog in a a post titled "From the horses mouth," in which she wrote, "NOT engaged! You should fact check with the source before you spread worldwide news like that." Mc Coy, 27, and Perry, 24, have been dating for more than a year, and while the couple have tried to keep their private life out of the tabloids, Mc Coy recently told the Pop Eater site that he was insulted by reports about the promise ring.

The singer-songwriter is dating Gym Class Heroes lead vocalist Travis Mc Coy and already got a promise ring from him.Opened up about their love relationship, Mc Coy said in a recent interview, "We're going to spend the whole summer together.She's going to be on Warped Tour with us, she's going to be performing.It's going to be a good time." Warped Tour itself, which is a touring music and extreme sports festival, will be kicked off this week.

As for the ring he presented to her, Mc Coy revealed "I went in (to the jewelry store) and said I wanted a ring.

The lady behind the counter said 'here's one for $300.' I was like, 'I want a nice ring!

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