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It may well be the dawn of the age of the chatbot, with conversational computer programs popping up all over the place, including in the kitchen.In conjunction with the launch of his new book, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has built what he is calling “the world’s easiest recipe bot”, accessible via Facebook and Messenger.The program allows users to send in the emoji of an ingredient, or a theme such as a heart for Valentine’s Day, and receive related recipes in return.Recipe Generator | Quick & Easy Food Meal-planning for the weekend & need some suggestions?

It may well give businesses pause to consider the most simple and direct ways to utilise new technologies to communicate with consumers.As Davis notes, aesthetically appealing and with photo and video content, Oliver has kept the offering simple: “Emoji, recipe, bang.” “Chatbots get a lot of stick, but if you’re building one for marketing or PR purposes, like Jamie here, all you have to do is ensure that the UX [user experience] is tight and focused, and that the bot provides something useful or entertaining to the end user,” Davis says. This technology uses advanced speech recognition that understands millions of phrases and words in 28 different languages.Since its release, it has been used by millions of Mondly users and has learned millions of new phrases and responses, thanks to the chatbot’s self-learning technology.

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