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You may download the source code to this version from Git Hub.For full license information, including information about included libraries, see the full license information. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Use new symptoms and a new transmission to infect the world with slime! So much so, that it can leave victims completely frozen. Or will it only leave humanity with a new meaning for "the common cold"? My first plauge, weedle is copyright of pokemon, i am simply inspired by the attack poision sting and weedles. Can you help them wipe out the entire population of the world? ^-^Your mother has heard from a voice above and is told that you are unholy and must be brought to justice.Play in 1348 literally during the the Bubonic plague pandemic. In this Scenario, you play as a mother weedle carrying eggs through the human world, and must destroy the humans! Synopsis: Scientists in Japan have found a virus frozen in ice in the middle of somewhere... She gets her kitchen knife ready and comes to kill you, to sacrifice you to the lord to prove her fait... One day, a man named Theodore thought the world needed more puns. On September 18th 2010, Pokemon: Black and White was released.