Guy still dating website

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I am confused, and tired of being the one who is insecure and soooo hurt.Thanks, Desire Dear Desire, Thanks for your question. Not only was he sneaking behind your back, he also lied about it, and then tried to make it look like you were insecure. Just because his dream girl is different than you doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into you.Guys often desire women who are different than the woman they are with, just for variety’s sake. However, not every guy is going to act on his impulses like your man did.It’s okay for men to have fantasies—women have them too—but only as long as the fantasies don’t start to creep into real relationships—unless the fantasy involves both partners, and is mutually agreed upon. You deserve to have someone who treats you with respect, and someone you trust. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or even face-to-face.

Your man should not have been trolling for dates while the two of you were intimately involved, physically and emotionally. Desire, you need to take a hard look at this relationship. Or is it just causing you to feel more and more insecure? Obviously if you’re reactivating his online dating account, you don’t trust him at all.

Your guy should be making you feel great about yourself. And as you know, a relationship can’t thrive and grow without trust.