Global address list cached mode not updating

This config file controls how the system statistics collection daemon collectd behaves.The most significant option is Load Plugin, which controls which plugins to load.These plugins ultimately define collectd's behavior. If the Auto Load Plugin option has been enabled, the explicit Load Plugin lines may be omitted for all plugins with a configuration block, i.e. This allows long lines to be split into multiple lines. However, those are treated special in that whitespace at the beginning of the following lines will be ignored, which allows for nicely indenting the wrapped lines.The configuration is read and processed in order, i.e. So the plugins are loaded in the order listed in this config file.

The downside is that if you have multiple conflicting Load Plugin blocks, e.g.when they specify different intervals, only one of them (the first one encountered) will take effect and all others will be silently ignored.Load Plugin may either be a simple configuration If enabled, collectd will export all global symbols of the plugin (and of all libraries loaded as dependencies of the plugin) and, thus, makes those symbols available for resolving unresolved symbols in subsequently loaded plugins if that is supported by your system.This is useful (or possibly even required), e.g., when loading a plugin that embeds some scripting language into the daemon (e.g. Scripting languages usually provide means to load extensions written in C.

Those extensions require symbols provided by the interpreter, which is loaded as a dependency of the respective collectd plugin.

See the documentation of those plugins (e.g., collectd-perl(5) or collectd-python(5)) for details. As a special exception, if the plugin name is either Sets a plugin-specific interval for collecting metrics. If a plugin provides its own support for specifying an interval, that setting will take precedence.

Global address list cached mode not updating comments

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