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The nightlife in this city is world renowned and for good reason.This post isn’t about the ladies of the night, it is about how foreign men can meet a good woman in Bangkok.It may not be quite as easy to hook up with Thai girls as some other Southeast Asian girls, but it is still pretty dang easy.You can still find lots of good Thai women in Bangkok who have interest in foreign men.

If you have never been to Southeast Asia you may not understand just how popular and crowded the malls are here.Sure, they can be crowded in the western world as well, but its not on the same level.Women be shoppin’ and women in Bangkok love to go to the mall.You will see so many cute Thai girls in their university outfits that your head will spin, just remember to confirm a girl is of legal age before dating her.

Bangkok has some massive malls, and the nice thing is that many of them are right on the BTS line.

That means you can quickly and easily get to them without having to sit in traffic.

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