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Signing up on 16 online dating sites and going out on 100 dates in a year might not be something you’d talk to your mother about, but it does provide fodder for an interesting photography project.Sean Fader did exactly that beginning in January 2010 and suddenly found himself enmeshed in a project in which he felt like an “emotional train wreck.” Fader didn’t start out that way. ” began much like all of Fader’s projects: from a fountain of ideas that constantly springs into his head, often out of the blue.His thought was to send a message to an attractive guy he found online.The two would meet at the person’s apartment where, immediately upon arrival, Fader would get to work creating a portrait based on his preconceived ideas of who that person might be based on his online profile and previous communication.He would set up lights, rearrange furniture, and rummage through closets looking for the right clothing.

“We had to jump in with two feet—both of us.” Although it started out as fun, Fader said combining his personal life, his dating life, and his art into one project quickly began to take a toll.

In the past, when one part of his life might be not clicking, he would delve deeper into another part.

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