Drew barrymore dating june 2016

The 41-year-old has ended her marriage of nearly four years to art consultant Will Kopelman, reports Page Six.“They’ve been having some difficulties, but they remain close for the sake of their kids,” a source told the newspaper column.The pair were married in June 2012 and have two daughters, three-year-old Olive and 23-month-old Frankie. At the age of 19, The star tied the knot with bar owner Jeremy Thomas, but they divorced less than two months later.Then in 2001, she and comedian Tom Green walked down the aisle and lasted a whole four months before announcing their split. She has worked her way from a turbulent childhood to becoming one of Hollywood’s foremost actresses.She has appeared in a string of successful films and one would never think such a beauty has been through a tough childhood, drug addiction, several failed rehabilitations and an eventual loss of self worth.

Barrymore is now a mother who places her kids and career as priority. Corey Feldman (ex-boyfriend) Duration of Relationship: 1989 Date of Birth: July 6, 1971 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Drew and Corey got together when her career was at an all-time high in the ‘90’s but they did not last for more than a year together.Read on to see this long list of men and her two lovely daughters. Feldman is the teen movie star known for his role in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984).Balthazar Getty (ex-boyfriend) Duration of Relationship: 1990 – 1991 Date of Birth: January 22, 1975 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius She was still a teenager when she moved on to her nest lover and their love lasted for barely a year.Balthazar is also an actor and is married with four children.

Leland William Hayward III (ex-boyfriend) Duration of Relationship: 1991 In 1991, the Firestarter (1984) actress moved on with grandson of Hollywood producer Hayward.

They were seriously dating and even got engaged that same year.