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Wyze Cam delivers fast, clear, live stream footage direct to your smartphone via the Wyze App (i OS and Android), day or night. Wyze Cam v2 can automatically record a 10-15 second alert video when it detects motion or sound.

After all, a $30 1080p security camera with some free cloud storage just seemed to good to be true. Kinda pointless to advertise two way audio if the person on the app has to constantly unmute the camera in order to hear the person on the camera trying to talk to them.What I like: Picture quality is very good and setup was easy. Each camera comes with a metal plate and some sticky tape which allows you to put this on any flat surface. Not sure why it wont stick to the setting I choose. For instance, I have a camera setup in my garage to start recording after it detects sound or motion.This is nice since the camera has a magnet on the bottom of the stand. Whenever the garage door is opening, I get alerted and the camera starts recording.However, the recording lasts just long enough to see the garage door open and nothing else as recordings are between 9-12 seconds long.

There appears to be a cooldown between each alert too.

I say this because I don't get another alert in the time it takes me to park the car, close the garage door, get out of the car, and walk across the camera to get into my home.