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Diana Taurasi's professional career has always been in highlight no matter where she played.A 3 time WNBA winner, she was even called "The White Mamba" by "The Black Mamba" himself, Kobe Bryant.Everyone who follows the WNBA knows about her on court antics and her long list of awards and honors, but her life outside the court is very 'hush-hush.' Caption: Diana With a Gold Medal in London Olympics 2010.Professionally her career has been watched, analyzed, praised, criticized, re-watched, re-analyzed and praised some more.People who watch the Women Basketball know about her rise from college basketball in Connecticut to her great devotion and success in the WNBA with the Phoenix Mercury.

The two players were seen together in various WNBA games.

They were also together in the ESPYs and spoke at the White House after the were invited there for winning the WNBA championship.

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  • Diana Taurasi Is Gay and Gay Married to Former WNBA Teammate. profil de paulette60


    May 15, 2017. Feature image Keeton Gale/Shutterstock. Saturday, Diana Taurasi married her former teammate, Penny Taylor — and then the two of them hopped over to Talking Stick Resort Arena for the Phoenix Mercury's home opener. Phoenix lost by ten, but that's not going to stop Taurasi from breaking the WNBA's.…
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    May 26, 2017. The words swagger and cocky come to mind, but there's also a thoughtful, reflective side of Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi, who opens up about her marriage to Penny Taylor and what's to come in her career. "And then for whatever reason, when Penny and I started dating, things just fell into place.…
  • Diana Taurasi married former teammate Penny Taylor - YouTube profil de paulette60


    May 15, 2017. Former Mercury teammates Diana Taurasi and Penny taylor tied the knot this past Saturday.…