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Ironically, after stealing the box, the kids pass Whitey and Moustache who are on their way in their high-powered motorboat to pick it up.The Bayside Police are able to hear the kids using the walkie talkies.After they are spotted and chased late at night through a cemetery by Whitey and Moustache wearing monster masks (going formal, according to Whitey), they manage to escape.Judy is caught the next day by Whitey and Moustache while getting a second walkie talkie for The Creep, but escapes with the help of P.

Regarded as one of the best clutch hitters of all time, Ortiz had 11 career walk-off home runs during the regular season and 2 during the postseason.

The film was originally going to be written and directed by Russell Hagg, only it was going to be about nine year old characters.