Dating your second cousin

states do not allow cousin marriages, but this applies to first cousins and those having a closer relationship than second cousins. Indiana does not allow first cousins to marry in the state, but it welcomes first cousin couples who married elsewhere and decided to live in Indiana. states that are strict on first cousin marriages are Ohio, Nevada, Indiana and Kentucky. states that allow first cousin marriages are Hawaii, Georgia, Alaska, Alabama, New York, Colorado and California. Dear Prudence, “Trevor,” the husband of my friend “Emily,” recently passed in a very dramatic manner. He hadn’t updated his will or life insurance policy to reflect his wife as beneficiary.Emily is entitled to the possessions within their house, with the rest going to Trevor’s estate.Trevor left the house in disarray, so we had to sort through the mess for valuables.

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The second day he left with $250 cash and camping supplies.Throughout the whole ordeal, he pestered us about which television he was getting.Fed up, Emily told him he wasn’t getting one because he had already been compensated fairly.Having loaded the final truck alone, I agreed with Emily.

When my ex and I were alone in the cab of the truck, he yelled at me until I broke down in tears. I understand he’s an ex for a reason, and shame on me for bringing him around (I was completely caught off guard by his greed).

But he still thinks we owe him the amount of money he could make from selling a television.