Dating teengaer and adults

When their child enters adolescence and begins acting more evasively to get more room to grow, parents may begin to wonder: "Whatever happened to the truth?" Not that their little girl or boy was always honest, but their teenager seems more prone to lie both by commission (telling a deliberate falsehood) and by omission (not voluntarily disclosing all that parents need to know.) Why do adolescents tend to lie more than children?Usually for freedom's sake - to escape punishment for misbehavior or to get to do what has been forbidden.To many teenagers, lying seems to be the easy way to get out of trouble or to get to do some adventure that has been disallowed. It takes a lot of energy, attention, and effort to keep up a false impression all the time. After paying their dues for lying by accepting consequences, liars often welcome discovery because now they can get back on an honest footing with people. Liars discover that it is far easier to be the person lied to than to be the one who has been telling all the lies.

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Second, parents do not want to know everything that is going on in their teenager's world of experience and possibilities because that is too scary.

Thus your perceptive statement: that parents to a degree "self lie." They "rule with the information they were given," which you and they both know is to some degree inaccurate and incomplete.