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In April, Hiddush, an Israeli nonprofit, published a “Freedom of Marriage World Map,” which graded countries based on the level of freedom each grants its citizens with regard to personal status.Israel was the only Western country that received a grade of 0, putting it in the company of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.This data point shocks because it is in conflict with the many other freedoms enjoyed by citizens of Israel.

Should she seek a civil divorce in another country and thereupon remarry, even in a civil ceremony, her remarriage would not be recognized by the state of Israel, and her children would be considered —bastards—and unable to marry other Jews, according to Jewish law—and, therefore, according to Israeli civil law.(Wives can also veto divorces, but men can override their wives by securing signatures from 100 rabbis; there are few chained men.) For decades, activists have struggled against the strictures of the rabbinic courts to no avail.But in recent years, one woman has changed the playing field, single-handedly advancing the cause of women in Israel: Susan Weiss, an American-born attorney who, with an outsider’s perspective, realized that she could circumvent the system by treating the unegalitarian quirks of Israel’s family law as human rights issues.In 2001, Weiss began suing recalcitrant husbands in Israeli civil courts for inflicting emotional damage on their wives.

She has won the vast majority of the 50 cases she has brought, often getting both a judgment for hundreds of thousands of shekels, as well as the from the husband.

“Susan really takes the most difficult cases, with her full abilities—scholarly, legal—and she takes them so seriously,” said Aviad Ha Cohen, dean of Sha’arei Mishpat, a private law college in Israel.

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