Dating and experience and disaster

1) chronic liar, he said it was easier than telling me the truth!2) The AAA meetings started all day everyday,he never wanted to have fun!3) I know this is a sickness so I start Alanon meetings, to help deal with this. 6) he starts smoking 2 packs a day, and drinking coffee like it was water!4) what I said in confidence in the Alanon meetings, got back to him, so much for the circle of trust..there was a fungus among us! 7) the remodeling started but never started getting physically abusive towards me.. 8) the house was foreclosed on, he moved to a townhouse, The final end of our relationship was him pushing me around in his kitchen, I threw water o Ver his head shoved him and out the door I ran! 10) in the last 3 yrs I have tried to get paid back, the money I lent him.what a joke, not a dime, he has my dog, etc, I no longer speak to him or want anything to do with this loser!

While I once wondered if the show’s trio of main character would end the season by getting what they want, I’m now concerned that they might not get out alive.Billionaire financier Steven Becker (Matthew Bennet) told Erica he’d be willing to support her organization’s candidates, but only if he had input in setting their legislative agenda.Mark Novak (Michael Cram) hired an investigative firm to dig up information on Erica and Anna.Darya (Narges Rashidi), Erica’s old girlfriend, apologized to her treating her badly during their relationship. Novak’s investigators uncovered evidence that Erica’s assistant Sandra (Emily Piggford) had lied on her resume.

Subsequently, Novak’s assistant confronted Sandra and offered to make her a deal.“Solicitation” was a compelling mix of intrigue and heartbreak. I was expecting that his team would uncover the fact that Erica and Anna were dating, but what actually happened was almost worse.

Erica knows to be guarded when she’s with Anna, but she has no reason to suspect Sandra of anything.