Dating an epiphone les paul guitar

\n Definitely a must-have for any guitar-head out there.

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Enter the model of the guitar in the box below the serial number box.Although this step is optional, it can be very helpful in dating your guitar. " if your guitar says "Made in the USA" on the label. Also, select where the serial number was located from the list.Click the "Submit" button next to the serial number text box.Your guitar's model and year will appear on the screen. in technical communication and teaches courses in writing and editing at the university level.

Art Corvelay is a freelance writer for demand studios who has been writing and editing for five years.

Guitardater doesn't recognize the serial# system Epiphone is using since mid 2008 ! Chinese made guitars with F 31xxxx like the "1959" model or the 1960/2010 tribute models don't work either, or are falsely rated as Fuji Gen, Japan made instuments. of your 1993 or most later models Epiphone either: 1.