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“Unlike other dating websites, it’s my commitment to operate our business ethically.This means caring about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never employing fake profiles or software bots.” New studies have found that one in five Americans have participated in an open sexual relationship.

The father-of-one started his 21-month sentence on Monday at Devens Prison in the northern Massachusetts town of Ayer – the same facility where Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev served out his first two years in federal custody.The 53-year-old's away message on his personal Gmail e-mail address that Daily obtained has detailed instructions for those who may want to stay in touch with him while he's behind bars.'Thanks for reaching out,' the automatic reply note first reads.'I'll be away for a while but I would love to stay in touch.

His automatic email reply lists his address at the prison for those who want to send him letters'As quaint as it may sound, the best way to reach me is by sending me a letter.

When you write, I’ll get you the information about how e-mail might work.