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Although not all chubs are bears, all bears are chubs, so you'll still find plenty of bears hanging out on this chub and bear gay chat roulette style site.

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    May 28, 2009. Through Internet chat rooms geared toward plus-sized individuals, the concept for Club Bounce was born. “The Internet brought us together as a plus-sized community, and people would meet and plan mixers or dance parties once a month, and it was so wonderful come together and have a great time in a.…
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    Jun 27, 2017. Originally Posted by CalSOONER View Post. Not Asian, but apropos. Not Safe For Work. Originally Posted by BobStoopsGinger View Post. Salma in her prime. She has a nice ass. So stop being a chubby chaser and bring on the 10 y/o boys! See Traveon Johnson thread. 4 users like S00nerJay's post.…
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    Mar 28, 2016. Chubby! Reader x Human! Douche! Papyrus Reader's POV I looked down at my stomach, disgusted. There's not much to be done. I thought, saddened. I was. Chubby. He calls himself The Great Papyrus, in honor of the poster in his room which is in the font Papyrus. "Sure, chubby-chaser." "You're.…
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    Aug 3, 2017. Clay got a lot of calls from Jewish individuals on one of his shows earlier this year. I decided to not edit the segment down to just calls because his yelling at people in the chat room is hilarious. Listen to Clay Douglas live at.…
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    Once inside Tai's, you'll find a smallish front room with a "beige" drop ceiling once white but stained with all the smoke through the years, faux wood-paneling, a handful of. Cub hats, heels, mullets, low-slung jeans with exposed boxers, chubby-chasers – it seems that weak judgement is independent of background.…