Buddhism and interracial dating

what does hinduism say about interracial marriages. because our parents taught us that we must keep up our culture, which is what i believe.i have seen interracial marriage and it the kids who suffer the most cause the kids have no culture/reliegion to speak of.if that is the cause and were all ended up mixed up then my question is what would happen to all the religions of the world. then there would be no religions cause by then no one would belive in god.If you take that one step further, this is why inter-caste marriage was also dissuaded. Marriage, in and of itself, is a difficult thing I presume.There are so many factors that come into play; ego, emotions, background, upbringing, education, likes, dislikes etc. If you add more unknown factors such as different caste, different race, different religion, the probability that the marriage will succeed is even smaller. If you take religion into account, then the progress of the j Iv A is fundamental, or rather, the only purpose, of birth.Marriage is supposed to help both spouses in that regard.Thus, interracial and inter-caste marriage should always be discouraged.Vannakkam eshwaar: There are many many factors that come into play besides race.

I think its quite the jump to say that just because race is different, so is religion.In today's world we have every race practising every religion.I wouldn't advise interfaith marriages; in fact I've seen several not work.But using examples isn't any valid proof of anything.

I think a really strong religious Hindu of Indian descent would be wiser to bless a daughter's marriage to a white Hindu than an Indian Christian.

This is mostly because race is superficial whereas religion is much deeper.

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