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You can now broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer. Do check the comments below, many other people may have asked similar questions to you and will save you some worry! When you click the go live button, your browser will normally display a pop-up.You can stream to your Facebook profile, pages, groups or event pages. You'll be able to choose where you want the live video to be posted to.Facebook allow you to do this simply via the Facebook website. Once you've done this, this window should close and another pop-up should appear.

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  • Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming app Cameleon 2.0 by. profil de paulette60


    Jun 6, 2016. People love watching videos, connecting a live camera to YouTube and Facebook lets you broadcast high quality video to the largest audiences in the world. Broadcast to the. is 1 2 3 Live! Pick up a camera and stream live free, in the highest possible quality, to YouTube, Facebook and your websites.…