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Their data revealed that the ideal height women seek in a man is 6ft.The 6ft men who were members of the site were 33 per cent more likely to be contacted than a man of average height (5ft 7), and 77 per cent more likely to be contacted than a man under 5ft 4.Earlier this year, British and Dutch researchers studied more than 12,000 couples in the UK to compile data specifically on their height differences.The study found that in 92.5 per cent of couples, the man was taller.She writes: 'There's just something appealing about tall men.

The study by Dutch researchers found that women were most satisfied when they were much shorter than their male partners by about 7-8 inches.Perhaps this is why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a match made in heaven - Prince William is 7 inches taller than Kate.If you would like to copy material from The Seattle Times for your own use, follow these guidelines to obtain the necessary permissions.The Seattle Times offers story and photo reprints, special sections, a variety of books and more. The Seattle Times Historical Archive is a searchable database of Seattle Times newspapers from 1900 through 1984.

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