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The saying goes that men are from Mars, while women are from Venus.And now, people who have dated both sexes have revealed that it sometimes really does feel like men and women are from different planets.Whether it's the early flirting stages or a long-term relationship, bisexual men and women on Reddit say they have noticed vast differences in their romantic encounters with people across the genders.

One wrote: 'The girls I've dated have actually been significantly quicker to tell me when somethings (sic) wrong. Another said that men were more likely to give up in disagreements, than women - particularly if they're petty.Meanwhile, others pointed out physical differences between men and women, beyond the obvious.One Reddit user said women's skin tends to be softer, adding 'All that moisturising pays off.' Another said that women kiss differently because they have 'softer lips', and tend to be more gentle.When a college-aged Anne-Marie Williams came out, TV shows like “Will & Grace” were years in the future.

Internet search engines didn’t generate a list of LGBT resources with a few keystrokes.

There were no easily accessible windows into LGBT life—except by visiting the gayborhood. It was nice to see people who looked like me, acted like me.

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