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One of the great things about walking the streets of Beirut is discovering the capital’s hidden and often abandoned mansions, known locally as villas.Some can simply be found off the beaten path such as this castle-like yellow building: When I asked around, people living nearby referred to the building as “Villa Kettaneh”–Kettaneh being one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in the country.If anyone can verify if Kettanehs actually lived here, please let me know.

The hole was so small I could only see inside by viewing my camera’s LCD screen: Amid this virtual urban rain forest, I came upon a shanty-roof settlement of Syrian migrant workers.They claimed that some men had squatted in the house for a couple of years but then abandoned it, without saying why.I’d heard similar stories about other abandoned villas, which begs the question: who owns these historic homes, and why have they been abandoned in the first place?One answer often heard is that the owner was some wealthy Lebanese businessman who fled the country during or before the civil war in the 1970s and never returned, only to die abroad with no direct heir or interest in reclaiming the property.

Whether or not such cases actually exist, there are bound to be hundreds of stories waiting to be told behind the decaying gates of these once majestic homes.

Abandoned or refurbished, the hidden villas of Beirut add a little flair to the ever-mysterious, and thus somewhat magical state of affairs in Lebanon.

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    Jun 17, 2010. BEIRUT, Lebanon — Twenty minutes north of Beirut, in the Christian heartland of Lebanon is Jounieh, the country's little Las Vegas, where dozens of “super nightclubs,” Lebanon's equivalent of strip clubs, line the main street. Inside one club, called Excalibur, a young woman from the Dominican Republic.…