Bbm status updates not updating

When it comes to BBM status updates they can be a great source of information about your friends.On the other hand, they can also be a pain in the rear depending on what people are updating about and how often they are doing so.Fortunately with Black Berry OS 10.2.1 we have some sweet options when it comes to what we want to view, also including if the update came from BBM or from a third party app - clever stuff.BBM Channels aren't left out of the options either but we'll cover that separately, looking at i OS and Android too since BBM 2.0 introduced Channels to our non-Black Berry buddies.Let's look at a couple of examples when it comes to what we can hide on the BBM status notification front.Hypothetically - I have a BBM friend who updates everything they do and frankly it's quite annoying.

Either way, options are always welcome and good old Black Berry seems to be on the ball when it comes to offering them.

BBM is no longer communicating with the BBM server because the Black Berry ID could not authenticate.