Automatic updating of excel tables in powerpoint slides

For our e-learning modules, we use Power Point 2007 with Articulate Studio ’09.I created a 35 minute long web-based training (WBT) that is all about the forecasted energy usage for the upcoming summer.The numbers are updated several times before the final numbers are available.The only thing that changes in the presentation is data from one Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is included on about 30 of those slides.

Then, I found the article called provides the steps to copy an excel spreadsheet (from within Excel) and, using the Paste Special function, paste a link to the spreadsheet.By doing it this way, I can now choose to update the file every time it opens.One caution is that if you move the spreadsheet to a new location or if you rename it, it will break the links. However, if you are careful with file placement, this can help for trainings that use spreadsheets with data that could change quite a bit.

The ability to automatically update Power Point slides with new data can save time, money, error, and your sanity.

Some analysis software packages allow your reporting to go into cruise control with clever automation, so you can just focus on the dashboard and wheel.

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