Adult chatterbox

: Hairdresser Penelope Pittman (Candice Rialson) is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Ted (Perry Bullington), but something’s about to change the nature of their relationship.One night, just after Penelope and Ted make love, a mysterious female voice chimes in, challenging Ted’s skills as a lover.In a fit of rage, Ted storms off, dumping Penelope on the spot.But what he doesn’t realize is the voice isn’t Penelope’s.In fact, Penelope Pittman is about to go down in medical history as the owner of the world’s first talking vagina!Distraught by the sudden appearance of an extra personality between her legs, Penelope pays a visit to her psychiatrist, Dr.Pearl (Larry Gelman), but instead of helping her cope with this outspoken body part, the good doctor takes advantage of the situation and becomes a talent agent, representing both Penelope and her new alter-ego, who they name Virginia.What’s more, Virginia has an excellent singing voice, and after revealing his patient/client’s unusual physical ability to the world, Dr.

Upset with both her unwanted companion and the publicity it’s brought her, Penelope longs to reunite with Ted, while Virginia seeks to experience as much of life, and as many men, as she possibly an adult comedy in every sense of the term, and never lets you forget it.Some of Virginia’s off-the-cuff remarks are tastelessly irreverent (when Dr.Pearl first learns of Penelope’s “condition”, he tells her she’s about to become the eighth wonder of the medical world. Along with her blunt outlook on life, Virginia is starved for sex, and, at one point, convinces Penelope to dress up in tight, sexy shorts and go prowling the streets for men.

Virginia balks at many of the would-be suitors who approach them, but jumps at the chance to hook up with an entire basketball team!

Virginia is undoubtedly the most interesting “character” in , but gets solid support from a few others as well.